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Five Star: Chef Ops

Make no mistake rookie - this ain't a cooking game.
This is a tactical kitchen simulation with a hint of cooking.
Dive into the culinary universe of Five Star: Chef Ops, a strategy-packed adrenaline ride where every second drains profits and every miscalculated action brings calamity upon you.

VR First

Immersive, impressive VR focused gameplay.

Campaign mode

Cook your way from a hotdog stand to a fully blown Five Star restaurant in campaign mode.

Single- & Multiplayer

Play campaign alone or with friends or battle-cook against other team in versus mode!


Behind the restaurant's facade of prosperity lies a chaotic kitchen where everything costs money. Every game session becomes its own story with highs and lows.

Restaurant Management

Whether it's storm or calm before it, the restaurant needs to make money which buys you amenities like Fry Minigun or Smouldering Katana.

Customizable Kitchen Layout

Create the kitchen that works for you. Find the recipes that you want to make. Unlock the amenities that make your life easier.

Customizable Characters

Truly timeless character design. Customize to make them your own.

Events & Disasters

Every action has its consequences and one bad decision can break the camel’s back. Disasters won’t happen just randomly - but they will happen.

Meet the CREW

Crew Image

Crew Image

Ready sometime early 2026, maybe? Could be earlier if you help us out...
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